Best Affordable DJ Equipment of 2022 | Beginners Budget Buying Guide

It’s a question asked by every beginner, intermediate, & pro DJ in the world that wants to save money. In fact, there’s millions of people searching google everyday, “Where can I find affordable DJ equipment.” The truth is, DJ equipment is expensive and can be a huge dent out of your bank account when you purchase a DJ setup with all of your basic DJ necessities all at once. However, I have a really great company I stand behind 100 percent! This company has made a huge impact on my life to say the least. Without boasting too much, I will get to the point of why you landed on this post.

So, what is on the list of affordable DJ equipment of 2022?

So, how do you find affordable DJ equipment in 2022? In short, zZounds offers the industries best payment plans on affordable DJ equipment for people with bad or no credit. There’s no interest ever, guaranteed low prices, & your first LOW payment ships around 60 to 5,000 dollars worth of music gear with FREE SHIPPING. Best of all, people with good credit get better plans!

affordable dj equipment

Why do we need affordable DJ equipment?

The DJ industry has blown up due to all the new music hitting the internet. Ever sense, DJ entertainment has increased and is more sought for than ever. In order for us DJs to keep up with the ever-changing entertainment world, we need reliable affordable DJ equipment.

Whether you need a DJ controller with 2 channels or 4 channels, Vinyl turntables, Serato DVS, a stand-alone DJ mixer, an all-in-one DJ controller, or DJ speakers, & a nice pair of DJ headphones, it doesn’t matter! No longer do you have to feel stuck on not knowing what the best DJ tech is going to suit your needs! In this post, we’ve rounded up all of the best affordable DJ equipment deals of 2019 & 2020 zZounds has to offer! Basically, think of this post as an affordable DJ equipment buying guide.


What’s The Catch? No interest? How does zZounds stay in business?

Basically, the processing fee is a ONE TIME FEE added to your first monthly payment, and it’s around $4 at minimum to $18 at the max. In fact, the processing fee is the only extra you’ll ever pay and it depends on how much you rack up in your cart that determines your (to be exact) $3.95 to $17.95 processing fee. That is affordable DJ equipment!

Honestly, a $4 to $18 processing fee up front to get put on such a sweet monthly installment plan so you can own a DJ setup with bad credit sounds like a pretty good deal! Right?

affordable dj equipment

Best Affordable DJ Equipment = zZounds!

I’m about to show you Dj equipment recommendations of my own liking from a website that has changed my life. I can now afford to support my family and I owe it all to zZounds.

What is so special about zZounds?

  • Guaranteed low prices. You can’t find a better deal!
  • No Interest 0% payment plans. You don’t pay extra at all!
  • No credit check payment plans
  • First Payment Ships Gear!
  • FREE 2 Day shipping on 90% of orders & FREE SHIPPING on every order!
  • You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day!

That chunk of money you just put away to start saving for your next DJ necessity can go towards your first monthly payment. Play now and pay later! I have horrible credit and they accepted me for their 12month plans.

It doesn’t make sense to pay full price!

affordable dj equipment

Also, if you’d like to see some of the equipment I’ve purchased through Zzounds, check out my post here:

How I Afford All of My DJ Gear Through Monthly Payments“.

Zzounds Affordable DJ Equipment 2021 – 2022 Buying Guide List:

Audio Technica ATH-M40x Headphones, Black or White:

ath m40x headphones
See payment plan details!

First of all, every DJ needs a set of headphones to listen to the upcoming track. Whether you need headphones to count bars, hear if the beats are lining up smoothly, or if it’s an appropriate song to play, you will eventually need a decent pair of headphones. Of course, you can settle for a cheap alternative such as ear buds, but those kind of listening devices are cheap for a reason! The Audio Technica ATH-M40x headphones are designed to be able to hear what’s going on even in the loudest environments. Unfortunately, ear buds do not provide the quality sound you get compared to a nice pair of DJ headphones! Remember, when you find yourself jamming your earbud in your ear and cranking the Cue volume just so you can hear the upcoming track, but still can’t hear a thing, you’ll realize why they make these awesome alternatives!

Hercules DJ Control Starlight DJ Controller:

hercules starlight dj controller
See how cheap your first payment is!

First, this 2-deck Hercules Starlight DJ controller has made its way to the top of our list due to its light-weight compact design, very cool functionality, and extremely affordable price. It comes bundled with a free version of Serato DJ Lite software (See below). Moreover, the controllers shipping & weight dimensions are 15 x 6 x 3 inches and it weighs 2lbs so throw this thing in your pocket and you’re all packed up! Unlike the Numark DJ2GO2, which is the first mini DJ controllers of this size, the Hercules Starlight DJ controller has touch detection which allows you to scratch! Best of all, this USB powered beauty has a built-in audio interface, a 1/8″ headphone out port, a 1/8″ master out for speakers, four pads on each deck with four modes including hot- cue, loop, FX, and sampler. Also, with dedicated controls on the mixer such as one master volume, plus bass/filter knobs, volume, and headphone knobs for each channel. Lastly, Hercules features a backlit light show on the back of the controller, which has seven modes, and is designed to teach DJs how to mix! Make sure you read more about the Hercules Starlight DJ controller and how cheap your first payment will be! You’ll be super surprised!

What is Serato DJ Lite?

Numark MixDeck Express Multi-Format USB DJ Controller:

numark mixdeck express
See how cheap your first payment is!

Do you like to have versatility with your DJ controllers? Do you like the idea of DJing without a laptop with an All-In-One DJ controller? Then, you’re going to like the 3-channel Numark MixDeck Express Multi-Format USB DJ Controller! First of all, you can use multi-formats to play music such as a connected laptop, slot-loading CD’s which can be inserted on each deck, or a USB flash drive with music pre-installed. The MixDeck Express features two large displays on each deck that helps you navigate folders and see text tags with BPMs for each song. Another cool versatility feature this controller gives you is the ability to choose your DJ software, unless you want to choose the Serato DJ lite software it comes with! In fact, Numark pre-mapped the MixDeck Express to be compatible with Traktor Pro 2, Virtual DJ, Djay, MixVibes, PCDJ, and more DJ software. Furthermore, Numark integrated a 3-channel mixer with EQ, a replaceable fader, external inputs, and crossplay technology that allows you to mix from any source. Also, with touch-sensitive platters, you can brake, reverse, and scratch on each deck. Make sure you read more features and see how cheap your first payment will be on the Numark MixDeck Express!

Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller:

pioneer ddj sb3
See how cheap your first payment is!

The next DJ controller to make it to our affordable DJ equipment list is the Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ controller due to its intuitive jam-packed features, compact style, and affordable price. Best of all, this 2-channel mixer comes with Serato DJ Lite software which has everything you need to start DJing straight out of the box it comes in, with some software limitations. Some eye-catching features right off the bat are its oversized aluminum jog wheels for full control scratching & beat matching, On-jog wheel displays on both decks for easier visual mixing, 16 total rubber pads, dedicated library knob for mouseless navigation, left/right deck load buttons, 4-deck control, 3 dedicated FX buttons on each deck, 3-Band EQ with filter control knobs, channel meters, FX Fade for quick seamless transitions with 8 combinations of 4 different effect patterns, 8 Pad Scratch sample effects, Hot Cue, Loop, Sampler, & more. It’s worth noting that the Pad Scratch feature was introduced by DJ Jazzy Jeff and it allows you to add professional automatic BPM matched scratch effects to your performances with a couple taps! Hey, that’s cheating! Also, if you upgrade to a licensed Serato DJ Pro, you can enjoy even more features on this beautiful entry level DJ controller.

What is Serato DJ software?

Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ Controller:

pioneer ddj sb3
See how cheap your first payment is!

The second entry level DJ controller that meets our affordable DJ equipment list is the Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ controller for Recordbox DJ. Unlike the Pioneer SB3 which comes with a Lite version of Serato DJ, this DJ controller comes with a full license of Recordbox DJ. More over, the Pioneer DDJ-400 has a looping feature layout similar to that of the club style CDJ turntables and a mirrored layout similar to the NXS2 DJ setup. Furthermore, this DJ controller has Beat FX which adds professional effects to match any songs BPM during performances with the touch of a button. Another really cool feature this DJ controller offers is the ability to pull songs straight from a Spotify Premium account! You can access millions of songs and popular playlists as long as you have an internet connection during your sets without having to download, analyze, and store mp3s. Even more, this controller allows you to connect to your laptop and practice without DJ speakers! I wish my DJ controller had PC master out!

What is Recordbox DJ software?

Pioneer DDJ-200 DJ Controller:

pioneer ddj 200
See how cheap your first payment is!

The next affordable entry level DJ controller on our list has made it’s way to one of the top beginner DJ controllers of 2020. In fact, this Pioneer DDJ-200 2-channel DJ controller was designed to allow DJs to optionally DJ without a laptop on your phone or Ipad! Aside from all the functions every pro could ever ask for, Pioneer kept the beginner DJs in mind with 11 different transition patterns to flawlessly crossfade between tracks without mixing! Additionally, it’s packed with everything you need including full features (ONLY WHEN DDJ 200 IS CONNECTED) of Recordbox DJ (in case you have a laptop), WeDJ For Iphone, & is Itunes, Spotify Premium, SoundCloud Go+, and Beatport Link compatible! Also, Android users don’t have to feel left out! Download the Algoriddim’s djay IOS/Android app and DJ with a premium Spotify account. Even more, when you purchase this machine through zZounds, you can pay one small extremely affordable payment up front and it will be at your doorstep in 2 business days. In summary, the quality of this product for the price is going to be the best option for any beginner DJ on a budget!

DDJ-200 Overview:

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX USB DJ Controller:

See how cheap your first payment is!

We’ve heard so many great things about the entry level 24-bit 4-channel Numark Mixtrack Platinum with Serato Ready that it wouldn’t be right not to put it on our list of affordable DJ equipment. Basically, Numark took all the spectacular features you could ever need and stuffed them into this magnificent machine. Compared to the Mixtrack Pro 3, the Mixtrack Platinum FX USB DJ controller has four-deck playback which allows you to mix 4 songs at once. Together with four-decks, it also has capacitive-touch colorful high resolution displays on each 6″ jog wheel which you can see BPM, platter position, time remaining, pitch adjustment, and the key. The Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX USB DJ Controller has 6 quick launch effects that allow you to access essential effects on the fly. Even more, it comes with Serato DJ Ready which is perfect for beginner DJs in the fact that it teaches how to get started with the program, how to mix, and explains all you need to know! The DJ life just keeps getting easier and easier!!! Plenty more features and such little time, come on, go read more! So, the price of this beautiful machine is extremely affordable and I’m excited for you to see it. You’ll have to see for yourself how awesomely cheap your first payment will be on this baby!

Numark Mixtrack Platinum Fx USB DJ Controller:

Pioneer DDJ-SR2 DJ Controller:

pioneer ddj sr2
See how cheap your first payment will be!

Next, the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 2-Channel DJ controller deserves a spot on our affordable DJ equipment list of 2020. Actually, this DJ controller is right on the cusp of being an entry level DJ controller and the price range is close to double than the DJ controllers above, but for good reasons! Best of all, it comes with a free download of Serato DJ and this DJ controller has dedicated key controls that allow you to access Serato DJ Pro functions directly from the DJ controller itself. Some of the best features this DJ controller has to offer are 4 total virtual decks, multi-colored performance pads identical to the Pioneer DDJ SX2 (except Pitch n’ Time), dedicated Hot Cue, Slip mode, Roll, Slicer, & Sampler buttons, Serato DJs Pitch & Time function (See below) which allows you to control any songs key sound to blend moods without affecting tempo, dedicated Key Sync, Key Shift, & Reset buttons. On each deck above the LED lit Aluminum Jog wheels, you’ll see a very useful feature called the Needle Search Strip which allows you to jump to any part of a song with just a touch for on-the-fly mixing. Unlike the other cheaper DJ controllers, the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 has a steel top panel with aluminum jog plates for durable long-lasting use. To top it off, it has built in 1/4″, XLR, & RCA balanced outputs as well as an auxiliary RCA and 1/4″ microphone input. Basically, this DJ controller has more features unlisted here than you could ever ask for! zZounds offers a payment plan on this DJ controller that’s hard to pass up so make sure you check out how cheap your first payment will be!

What is Serato DJs Pitch n’ Time?

Numark NV II Dual Display DJ Controller:

numark nv ii
See how cheap your first payment is!

The Numark NV II Dual Display DJ controller for Serato DJ made it on our list because it’s one of the most unique and coolest DJ controller loaded with features you won’t believe for it’s price! First off, it comes with a full version of Serato DJ. Additionally, one of the best features you get are the 4.3 inch full-color LCD screen displays (see below) on each deck with real-time visualization of Serato DJ that helps keep your eyes on the DJ controller instead of your laptop. Also, Numark packed this DJ controller full of some of the best features (too many to list) any DJ will appreciate such as four-decks total, an integrated beat meter on display to beatmatch flawlessly, touch-activated control knobs for gain, EQ, filters, master, & mic. In addition, Numark added a 5 column sort to view your songs 3 columns at once by song, artist, BPM, & key. Notably, Numark claims you can literally feel your mix with the Numark NV II’s highly advanced touch-adaptive jog wheels with adaptive learning tech that automatically adjust to your style and feel changing your mix on the fly. Another addition is the Toolroom Remix Package that comes with textures and grooves to create bangers as a studio producer or a remix genius on the dance floor! When we say this DJ controller is packed with features, we mean it! Lets not forget the 16 sensitive velocity trigger pads on each deck as well as 10 pad modes for hot cues, loop slicing, and sample triggering. There’s more, but I suggest you read more!

The Numark NV II Dual Display:

Take a closer look at how cool this is!

Check out this Intro video on the Numark NV II:

Looking to spin some Vinyl? Here’s how! Our affordable Vinyl DJ setup list can be put together in so many ways!

Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable:

pioneer plx 500
Click to see how cheap your first payment is!

Even beginner DJs can perform on advanced entry-level priced affordable DJ equipment! Next up, we have the Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable which can be used as a home vinyl player, or if you get two of these bad boys and a mixer (below), you can mix, scratch, & spin records like an old school DJ champion. Notably, this turntable is known as the little brother of the famous Pioneer PLX-1000 which is a beast when compared. Remember, as long as you buy a DVS ready mixer (see below) compatible with the DJ software you intend to use, you’ll be all set! With one PLX-500 turntable for the left deck and another PLX-500 turntable for the right deck, you can connect through the Pioneer PLX-500’s USB outputs for digital & analog outputs. Have or plan on buying a lot of vinyls? Well, this machine allows you to digitize your favorite collections so you can savor the quality of those old records by connecting through USB straight to your laptop using a free download of Rekordbox software! No need for an external amplifier. In fact, with the phone/line output switch, you can connect straight to your speakers and practice away! Also, the PLX-500 features a built-in pre-amp! In the paragraphs to follow, you’ll see exactly how to pair these PLX-500 turntables with the right compatible DJ mixer. Depending on the DJ software you intend to use will determine what compatible DJ mixer you will need. Serato DJ or Rekordbox DJ software? First, check out this intro video on the PLX-500 below!

Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive Intro Video:

Pioneer PLX-500 Turntables with Serato DJ mixer:

Furthermore, if you plan on mixing and scratching any kind of digital music without having to carry around vinyls everywhere you go, you can choose to purchase a mixer that comes bundled with a Serato DVS Expansion Pack (like the recommended mixer below), and a Serato DVS Control Vinyl. Then, you’ll be ready to mix and scratch digital files using Serato DJ. Below, is the recommended Serato DJ bundle setup The DJ Pro recommends!

Numark Scratch Mixer:

numark scratch mixer
Check out how cheap your first payment is!

First of all, when you purchase the 24-bit 2 channel Numark Scratch Mixer, you don’t just get a mixer. In fact, this all-metal protected advanced mixing machine comes with slope controls, reverse, and a well designed innofader crossfader which is perfect for scratching. Some of the best features are the very noticeable performance pads with 4 on each channel to access hot cues, rolls, and samples. This mixer features 6 direct access FX buttons with timing and intensity controls which can be triggered by toggle paddles. Also, Numark simplifies your looping skills by optionally pre-programming your specified parameters or loop length via your software and pressing the encoder down. Boom! You just set a loop and you can change it via a knob to adjust the length which makes mixing that much more easier. Numark throws in a Serato DJ Pro license, a Serato DVS Expansion Pack, a 2-month subscription to SoundSwitch Lighting Control, and makes this mixer ready to connect to Serato’s NoiseMap Control. Features I haven’t mentioned can be found through this link as well as the price of your first payment to own the Numark Scratch Mixer.


Serato Performance Series DVS Control Vinyl:

serato DVS control vinyl
Add this to your monthly payments!

One of the most trusted names in the DJ industry is Serato and it’s for good reason! This Serato DVS Control Vinyl will allow you to mix any digital files on your computer as long as you have the Serato DVS Expansion Pack and a compatible Serato DJ mixer! Once you put these two DVS control vinyls on each turntable, you’ll be spinning and scratching wax in no time! Unless you like to carry around crates of vinyl, then you’re more old school than we anticipated!

Pioneer PLX-500 Turntables with Rekordbox DJ mixer:

Additionally, if you choose Rekordbox, you need a mixer compatible with Rekordbox, a Rekordbox DVS Plus Pack, and the RB-VS1-K Recordbox DVS Control Vinyl. Then, you can spin and scratch your digital files. Below, is the Rekordbox bundle that made its way to our affordable DJ equipment list!

Pioneer DJM-250MK2 DJ Mixer:

pioneer djm-250mk2
First payments are cheap!

First, we added to our affordable DJ equipment list the entry-level priced 2-channel Pioneer DJM-250MK2 DJ mixer with a built-in soundcard. Pair this mixer bundle up with the Pioneer PLX-500 turntables, along with the Pioneer DJ Rekordbox DVS Control Vinyl below and you have yourself an affordable DJ setup that will impress anyone, including yourself! To explain, this Pioneer mixer features a famously known Magvel crossfader and a dedicated Sound Color FX filter on each channel as seen on the well-known, more advanced, DJM-900NXS2 mixer. Also, with dedicated 3-band isolators to adjust highs, mids, and lows, you can make mixes sound more unique than ever before. Additionally, this mixer was designed to last a long time with the two metal shafts that support the fader knobs. Best of all, this mixer comes bundled with a Rekordbox license and Rekordbox DVS so all you need is your Control Vinyl (below) and you’re ready to perform!


Pioneer DJ Rekordbox DVS Control Vinyl:

rekordbox dvs control vinyl
Add this to your Monthly Payment bundle!

So, if you choose to go with the Rekordbox DJ software, and you want to spin some digital files because carrying around crates of vinyl isn’t practical for you, then we suggest purchasing the Rekordbox DVS Control Vinyl. Basically, a compatible Rekordbox mixer (shown above), the Rekordbox DVS Expansion Pack, & this Rekordbox DVS Control Vinyl will get you on your way to mixing like a true DJ! Also, you’ll probably make a few people jealous in a very good way! Remember, this DVS Control Vinyl will have to be combined with a compatible Rekordbox mixer like the Pioneer DJM-MK2 we mentioned above! That mixer will need this Rekordbox DVS Control Vinyl in order to spin any of your digital files you have stored.

Pioneer PLX-1000 Direct-Drive Turntable:

pioneer plx-1000
See how cheap your first payment will be!

It’s worth noting that the Pioneer PLX-500 turntables are not built like these very popular Pioneer PLX-1000 Direct-Drive turntables. In fact, this turntable has a well-designed die-cast aluminum platter, a die-cast zinc chassis, and rubberized insulation to make the smoothness and durability last for a long long time. Compare that to the PLX-500 which is mainly plastic. Even more, with its user-friendly layout, high-torque direct-drive motor, and extraordinary stable rotation, this turntable makes its way to the top option for any DJ wanting to spin some records. With even more features than we can list, make sure you read more and see how cheap your first payment will be! Remember, the DJ mixer bundles we listed above will work better with a pair of these PLX-1000 turntables!

Electro-Voice ZLX-15BT Powered Loud Speakers, Pair:

electro voice zlx 15p
Click to see how cheap your first payment will be!

Due to the inexpensive price and the 1000 watts of power each one of these Electro-Voice ZLX-15BT Powered Loud Speakers can handle, they’ve made there way to our list of affordable DJ equipment. Moreover, the rear LCD display gives you a visual single-knob DSP control, ready with presets, to give you complete control of your sound. Best of all, the BT stands for Bluetooth my friends! That’s right, you can stream from a mobile device straight from your music library! Go read more!

electro voice zlx 15p rear

The ability to control the dynamic range and frequency balance with the rear onboard DSP using a single knob allows you to customize your sound for each performance depending on your location. Again, this is the most quality you will get out of a speaker in its price range so make sure you check out how cheap your first payment will be and read more excellent features we did not list!

What Does a beginner DJ need to start djing?

10 basic DJ necessities of a complete DJ setup. Learn the bare minimum of what it takes to DJ a party. The most affordable DJ gear on the planet! Read more to find out where... #dj #djgear #djequipment #djsetup #djlife #djturntables #turntables #serato #seratodj #pioneerdj #djtips #djsetups #beginnerdj #howtodj #djlessons #djmixing #djmix #producer #hiphopdj #radiodj #ableton #soundproducer #djgirl #girldj #club #clubdj #thedjpro #femaledj #music #musicdj

10 Basic Necessities Of A Complete DJ Setup

Below, are 10 basic necessities that every DJ should have for a complete affordable DJ equipment setup. Whether you are beginning your DJ journey, or you are already experienced. As long as you have the following equipment, you’ll have a complete DJ setup. You will be able to DJ any party or event!


I have spent time researching DJ products, or I’ve used the products myself, and I can vouch for everything I’m about to tell you. In fact, I personally bought all of my DJ equipment from zZounds and saved a lot of money! I’m giving you this information with my upmost honesty!

#1 Laptop

macbook pro

In order to make good money and get yourself well-known as a DJ, you need a good laptop with good processing power, a lot of RAM, and a large enough hard drive to store music files. You’ll also need a backup laptop later, but for now you can use your phone. Make sure you have backup music stored on your phone at all gigs!

macbook pro specs

Actually, I personally prefer a MacBook Pro with a spacious hard drive. I used to have a 500GB hard drive with a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor as you can see in the image above.

In the image below, this is what I’m rocking with now!

macbook pro

I upgraded to a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 – 16 GB Ram 1600 MHz DDR3 – & a AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB Graphics Card.

dj laptop
Don’t let your laptop hold you back!

You don’t have to have a Mac laptop in order to DJ a party, but it’s convenient. A 13inch Mac Laptop will do it’s job! It’s the number 1 leading laptop that DJ’s prefer. As long as you can find any laptop with a decent processor, good RAM, and 250GB hard drive or more, than your in business. You need a computer that’s going to handle a lot of processing power at once as multiple programs are running multiple processes at a time.

Crash & Burn

I have gone through many computers in the past, and trust me, you will know when your computer isn’t meant for live performances. It will crash on you! It will hold you back from showing off your true skills.

#2 External Hard Drive


Consider buying an external hard drive as well with about 1TB of storage on it. You can back up your computer with all of your music data so you will never lose it. There are an endless amount of bad things that could happen to your computer. If you do not back up your files, you will have to start all over again!


All those playlists that you’ve spent countless hours organizing and making just right for your clients, the new songs you’ve been adding everyday, or the cue points and loops that you’ve set up for Serato on all of your music files.

This data can all be saved to an external hard drive. If anything ever happens to your computer, you can get a new computer and restore your back up data. Everything will be the way you like it!

#3 Dj Controller / Turntables

A DJ controller or turntables & a DJ mixer are imperative to the DJ setup. One deck on the left side and one deck on the right side with your mixer in the middle. You could skip the mixer and buy a DJ controller that allows you to plug your turntables into it. Hey, it’s an option! 4 Decks!

Pioneer DDJ SZ2 DJ Controller

see price button
See how cheap your first payment will be on this beast of a controller!


PLX 500 Direct-Drive Turntable
see price button

Turntables use a needle to read records and they can be costly. You need two turntables (Left & Right Decks), a DJ mixer, and a lot of records? No sir. Serato has a converter and two Serato records that allow you to connect your turntables to the Serato DJ Program on your laptop.The feel between a DJ controller and a turntable are completely different. The record that is constantly spinning on the turntable is SPINNING.

On a DJ controller, you don’t have spinning platters. I would recommend getting a DJ controller if you are just beginning.

#4 DJ Speakers

JBL EON615 Powered 2-Way DJ Speakers With Bluetooth Control

dj speakers
see price button

Whether you are practicing at home to be a Club DJ, Mobile DJ, Turntablist, or just DJ for fun, you need 2 speakers for a complete DJ setup. I recommend going through zZounds where you can split the total price into monthly installments. They have a good selection of great speakers.

I did a review on these JBL speakers as well as a Youtube video.

These two JBL speakers above come with two XLR cables, two stands, and two protective bags and are perfect for a professional complete affordable DJ equipment setup. In fact, I bought this same set and I’ll prove it in the post below if you click the image.

complete dj setup

Below, are my Mackie speakers that I personally love. They have served me well. I bought mine from the Zzounds website.

Furthermore, my Mackie speakers lasted me for 9 years, but I recently bought the JBL speakers I showed you above and they’re super nice! From experience, you really can’t go wrong with investing in these high powered Mackie speakers! You can click on the image below to see how you can afford them like I did.

Mackie Thump15A Powered Speaker 1300 Watts

see price button

#5 Headphones

Every DJ needs a good pair of headphones. You can of course just use earphone headphones which are a lot cheaper and affordable, but as I stated above in the beginning, in order to hear the best sound and DJ efficiently, you need a good pair of headphones.

After you read this post, be sure to check out “5 Affordable Pairs of DJ Headphones For Your Setup”.

zZounds has a wide variety of professional headphones NO INTEREST, NO CREDIT CHECK, MONTHLY PAYMENT PLANS:

Check out some more headphones on zZounds!

You will find that there is a huge difference between earphones and a professional pair of DJ headphones.

Once you DJ with a good pair of headphones, you won’t want to DJ with nothing less! Check it off your list for your complete DJ setup! I personally like the:

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 DJ Headphones

see price button
See how cheap your first payment will be on these Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 Headphones!

#6 Fold Out Table DJ Stand

This DJ necessity is important in an obvious way for a complete affordable DJ equipment setup. Basically, you need something to put your DJ controller / turntables on as well as your laptop and your microphone interface. You could go with a regular fold-out table from your local store, but if you want to go with a more professional look, I suggest you buy a professional DJ table meant for disc jockeys. The tables below are from the zZounds website:

Odyssey FZF5437TBL Black Label Fold-Out DJ Table

DJ Table
see price button

Odyssey CTBC2048 Heigh-Adjustable DJ Table

complete dj setup
see price button
For this cheap first payment, you can’t beat it!

#7 Laptop Stand

This DJ necessity is the sprinkle on top. Not only does it make your complete DJ setup look awesome, but it will help bring your laptop to your face. If you are DJing a party for 4 hours, you don’t want to be constantly looking down at your laptop. A laptop stand will securely hold your laptop eye level. Some laptop stands can hold extra DJ necessities in the bottom compartment.

A laptop stand will make a huge difference in your overall performance. The smallest things can help you become the DJ you want to be!

On-Stage PT500 Laptop Computer DJ Stand

laptop stand
see price button
Add this stand to your cart with something else and pay monthly!

Check out more laptop stands from the zZounds website here.

#8 Wireless Microphone System

You can start out with a corded mic that usually will connect to your Dj controller with a long XLR cable or 1/4″ jack. This is the most simple microphone setup you can have, but it’s not efficient if you plan on performing for higher paid gigs where it involves crowd interaction and walking away from your DJ setup.

affordable dj microphone

Microphone Recommendation?

I recommend getting a wireless microphone with a microphone interface that allows you to control the sound.

Keep in mind, different people will speak differently into the microphone. Adjusting vocals is important to get a good quality voice out of everyone who intends to speak. Usually, the mic interface will connect to your DJ controller setup through a jack or XLR cable. Also, you can have multiple wireless microphones connected to it. Zzounds has a great selection of wireless microphone systems, such as the Shure Microphone System in the image below.

Shure BLX288 / PG58 Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone System

see price button
See how cheap your first payment is!

#9 XLR Cables & Twist Ties

XLR cables connect your speakers to your DJ controller. They sell different branded XLR cables as well as different sizes. I recommend at least 20ft cables, and of course, you need two cables for the left and right speaker.

20ft Pig Hog XLR Microphone Cables

Click on the image above to see the best XLR cables zZounds has to offer!
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If you plan on using a corded microphone, you may want to buy a 3rd XLR cable. Most corded microphones plug in through a XLR cable. You cannot go wrong purchasing your accessories from the Zzounds website. I saved a ton of money doing so and I now have a complete affordable DJ equipment setup.

On-Stage CTA6600 Velcro Twist Ties

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These Velcro Cable Ties above are really a great investment. When I first started Djing, I didn’t listen to my brother when I should have. I didn’t invest the couple dollars into buying these cable ties. I didn’t think I would need them, but I PROMISE YOU, they will prolong the life of your cables as long as you use them correctly! My first set of XLR cables didn’t make it a year. My second set of XLR cables have lasted over 7 years!

#10 Surge Protector / Extension Cords

These special surge protectors are going to save your equipment! I’ve been on many gigs and I will tell you this, power surges happen more than you think! Electricians are not always certified electricians. Good electricians can make mistakes. Do not risk surging your equipment with an overload of juice. Buy a surge protector!

ART PDS8u Eight Outlet Power Strip With USB Jacks

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A surge protector is essential to a complete affordable DJ equipment setup. Also:

CBI TRIPT12 12-AWG Triple Tap Power Extension Cord

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This is the handy dandy extension cord. This will become a huge part of your DJ setup. Your DJ setup is not a complete DJ setup unless you have a decently long extension cord. I recommend two-25ft extension cords.

You shouldn’t need an extension cord no longer than that. As long as you notify your clients ahead of time that they must provide an outlet no more than 50ft away from the setup area, than your golden.

Affordable DJ Equipment Conclusion

So there you have it folks. These are the basic DJ necessities that you should be buying and checking off your list if you want to buy full DJ setup. If you like to save money like us, you will consider purchasing from the Zzounds website. You can add all you need to your cart and work out a monthly payment plan with no interest! You can’t beat it! Especially when the items are not overpriced!

What is the CHEAPEST affordable DJ equipment for beginners?

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I’ve researched the entire internet, reading reviews, and asking questions about the best affordable DJ Gear for beginners and I found the best affordable DJ equipment for beginners.

I found a golden nugget! Just so you know, this post is my own TRUTHFUL testimony that I am giving to you about a website that changed my life.

Sound too good to be true? You haven’t SEEN nothing yet!

This post was written for you to explain to you the best affordable DJ equipment for beginner, intermediate, & pro DJs. Also, explaining EXACTLY why they should purchase affordable DJ equipment through zZounds! Before you’re done reading this post, make sure you see how much your first payment will be on your favorite DJ Gear!

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Meet The Author:

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Want to know who I am? I am a real person just like you!

The DJ Pro’s Testimony

I whole heartedly believe what this website (zZounds) has to offer is special. I am honored to give you this information on affordable DJ equipment.

A while back, I thought to myself, “What if theres a place that doesn’t over charge on DJ gear and will let you finance through monthly installments with bad credit?” I was in a sinking boat…. In fact, I was ready to pay a lot of interest considering my credit situation. My credit still sucks…

BAD CREDIT? It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit!

GOOD CREDIT? Even better payment plans!

affordable equipment

Zzounds Play as Pay – No Credit – Monthly Payment Plans:

Zzounds has always been excellent with their customer service & they’ll work with you if you are going to miss a payment! It really is unheard of! For example, what stores do you know that will let you pay about $200 for your first payment, no interest, & no credit check, and let you bring home an entire DJ setup at a guaranteed low price?

Even more, you can save your money every week by putting a little money aside for your DJ setup fund and purchase your DJ gear all at once which is how you save money right? WRONG!

With zZounds, you can play now and pay later! Honestly, it doesn’t make sense to pay full price anymore! Their selection is endless with the industries best DJ gear, prices, & pay as you play plans. Please, if you have any questions or would like to leave a review comment on zZounds to spread the word, feel free to do so below!


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