Cost to Start a Mobile DJ Business on a Budget

Thinking about starting a mobile DJ business? Are you overwhelmed on how much your start up cost will be? Here, I am going to talk about the actual cost to start a mobile DJ business. So how much does it cost to start a mobile DJ business on a budget?

All together $1,600. To summarize, beginner DJ business owners on a budget may spend an average of $900 on DJ equipment. Music, $150 to start. Marketing costs may run $200 to start. New dress attire & shoes $100. Also, consider ongoing costs such as Insurance which averages $250 per year, vehicle expenses $150 per month, grooming expenses $40 per month, website hosting $4 per month, & purchasing new music $15 per month. 

Cost of DJ Equipment on a Budget

Dj equipment doesn’t have to be so expensive to start a business.

Luckily, there are some alternatives for people on a budget.

In the paragraphs below, you will see DJ Equipment totaling roughly $900 to start a DJ business. 

Don’t have $900 to start a DJ business right now? Here is a great article I wrote about “How I afford all my DJ Gear through no interest monthly payments“.

Laptop – $300

First of all, a $300 laptop with the right system requirements to operate your preferred DJ software program will do.

Usually, you can go to your local advertisement apps such as Craigslist or Offerup and find the laptop you’ll need.

Most importantly, if you want to stick to your budget, always check to make sure anyone you buy anything from is genuinely selling you a reliable piece of equipment.

In fact, you may find yourself spending more money than you anticipated if you’re not careful! Stick to your budget!

External Hard Drive – $40


An external Hard drive costs $40 at your local Walmart and your DJ business will not be successful without it.

Together with your laptop, these items go hand and hand.

Why do you need to buy an external hard drive up front?

Because, If you ever lose your laptop or it breaks, you can restore your music playlists to your replacement computer with an external hard drive.

Music files are not cheap so protect and save them to an external hard drive! 

DJ Controller & DJ Software – $300

dj controller

Secondly, your DJ Controller will run you roughly $200 to $300 brand new.

Remember, you’re not trying to buy the best of the best, because you’re on a budget.

Pioneer, Numark, Denon, & Roland all have DJ controllers that are inexpensive and in this price range. 

For the most part, DJ software is expensive so start out free!

Usually, new DJ controllers come with a free version of a DJ software, so do your research to save more money.

For example, if you purchase the Numark Mix track Pro it comes with Serato Intro, which is a downgraded version with less functionality than Serato DJ, but it’s FREE!

DJ Case / Laptop Case – $80

universal controller case

Equally important, you need padded carrying cases to protect your laptop and DJ controller from breaking or scratching during transport.

You can try Craigslist or Offerup for a $60 used Odyssey case, or if you’re not that lucky, consider purchasing a $60 universal carrying case for your DJ Controller.

Your laptop case is going to cost around $20.

2 Portable Loud Speakers – $200

loud speakers

On a budget, you may get away with one speaker depending on the events you DJ until you can afford the other speaker.

However, there are affordable portable speakers on the market today such as Gemini that cost $100 each. 

Wireless Microphone & Corded Mic- $100

dj microphone

Additionally, a wireless microphone will cost you about $80 give or take.

I recommend always carrying a backup microphone just in case.

It can be a cheaper corded microphone for $20 that hooks up through an XLR cable.

Always have a backup mic on stand by!

Table / Stand – $30

Now that you have the majority of your DJ setup, it’s time to put it on top of something sturdy!

A table should cost no more than $30 at your local Walmart.

In the future, you can purchase a facade to hide the table and all of your wiring.

In the meantime, if it’s in your budget, you can purchase a black or white sheet (preferably both) to throw over your new table!

Cables – $20-$30 or $45?


Also, Factor in the 2 XLR cables you’ll need to purchase for both of your speakers which run about $10 to $15each ($30).

It may be smart to purchase an extra XLR cable ($45) for emergency purposes as a backup.

Headphones – $5

As long as your DJ controller takes a regular 1/8 inch jack for the headphone line then you’re good!

You can get away with a $5 pair of headphones at your local grocery shop.

Some DJ controllers take headphones with the bigger 1/4 inch jack. Usually, those headphones are more expensive.

Power Strip & 25ft Extension Cord – $20


Similarly, you can go to Walmart and find a nice 10 pronged outlet power strip with your choice in color of any 25ft extension cord for around $20 total.

Cost of Insurance

Many DJ companies that sub-contract work out to DJs require the DJ to have liability insurance that covers up to a certain amount.

In fact, if you plan on getting your own gigs, then consider purchasing liability insurance for the year to protect you from being sued.

Unfortunately, it does cost a couple of hundred dollars more per year to ensure your equipment from being damaged or stolen.

At first, you may not be able to afford this expense, but I highly recommend ensuring your equipment in the future when you’re no longer on such a tight budget.

Cost of Marketing

First of all, this expense refers to creating & maintaining a DJ website, & any other form of advertisement expense online.

Also, purchasing business cards, flyers, car magnets, ad space on social media, or any other form of advertising costs. 

However, there are a lot of social media sites you can advertise your business on for free!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. so take advantage!

On a budget, a DJ should pay no more than $150 to $200 to have someone create their website.

If you’re already experienced in creating websites, then you are in luck and this expense is not for you!

Although inevitably, you do have to pay monthly or yearly for hosting which can vary depending on your hosting provider.

For example, I pay $5 a month for my websites hosting with Bluehost.

Cost of Music

Music will run around $150 at first to start a mobile DJ business on a budget. Usually, mobile DJs do all kinds of parties which means you’ll need a lot of music.

On a budget, it’s kind of hard to buy all this music up front.

Choose from the best top hits from the billboards top 100, numerous hits from all decades in each genre, and as many line dancing songs as you can such as the Cupid shuffle, Casper Slide, Cotton Eye Joe, etc.

Nowadays, there are record pool websites you can pay monthly service fees to and they give you access to thousands of songs, which may be a less expensive option, as long as you have access to internet at every event.

Cost of Vehicle

Basically, your vehicle is the backbone of the entire operation and it will run you roughly $150 per month.

Vehicle expenses will depend on how many gigs you get each week and distance it takes to travel back and forth from each gig and, of course, regular vehicle maintenance.

You’re on a budget and you want to save money right?

Don’t forget to keep a record of those miles you drive from home to each gig because you can claim those miles on your taxes at the end of the year.

Cost of Clothing

New dress clothes and shoes will cost you around $100, depending on if you do not already own a nice dress shirt and shoes.

Generally, most gigs will require you to wear a black button up dress shirt and slacks with a nice pair of dress shoes.

Also, Consider buying a vest or jacket with a tie for more fancier gigs.

Cost of Grooming

Lastly, believe it or not, grooming is an expense that many overlook when starting a DJ business and they never factor in.

Consider spending $40 per month on getting a nice clean hair cut.

You will not start a business looking like a big foot with headphones on…

For the most part, you need to look like a professional!

Start a DJ Business!

To summarize, it will cost you around $1,600 within the first month to start a DJ business on a budget.

Also, if you want to know how I afford all my DJ gear through monthly payments then be sure to check out this post, “How I afford all my DJ Gear through no interest monthly payments“.

If you enjoyed this article on the Cost to Start a Mobile DJ Business on a Budget or have any questions or concerns please leave a comment down below!

Do you have any other expenses you can think of? If so, list them in the comment section as well!

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