How To Create A Professional Dj Business Card

First off, In order to create your very own professional DJ business card, you must find a site that lets you do just that. VistaPrint is who I recommend. In fact, I will explain to you step by step on how to create your DJ business card with Vistaprint from the beginning to the end. It’s fairly simple. Follow the steps and you shall succeed!

 So, how do you create a professional DJ business card?

#1 Think Of A Design

You can have a plain background on your DJ business card or you can have a creative image that embeds the background of your card. Disc Jockeys are supposed to be professional entertainers! I recommend you entertain your potential clients with a really cool business card. It will grab their attention!

If you do not know anyone who can draw your logo or a cool cartoon picture of you behind the decks, than I highly recommend you go find someone on social media. I actually paid $10 to someone on Instagram who drew a cartoonish picture of me behind some turntables with headphones on. Here it is:

dj business card

I added this to the background of my DJ business Card. I added 2 important pieces of information and that was it! My website isn’t on this card because I didn’t have it up and running when I created my business cards. I recommend you have a website first. I can help with that! I explain How To Create A DJ Site With WordPress In 5 Simple Steps.

This is how my business card ended up looking like:

dj business card
Don’t Judge me… I think it looks pretty cool! haha

I’m sure you can think of some sort of design that will reflect who you are that is unique and screams out your personality. When it’s time to make more cards, I’ll be sure to put my website somewhere in it.

#2 Create an account with Vistaprint

Usually, Vistaprint will have some sort of promotion for first time customers. I paid $10 for 500 business cards, because I used a coupon code that gave me a discount. Not a bad deal at all! Remember, your only using their site to create a business card. They are going to try to sucker you into buying other cool things like an advertising car magnet with your design on it. Yes, I bought it but you don’t have to!

Create an account with VistaPrint. Follow these directions:

vistaprint how to

Once you have an account with VistaPrint, it’s time you navigate to the design page!

#3 Choose a design for your DJ business card

At the top of VistaPrint’s website, you will see all the different services they offer. In the image below, you will see the purple arrow pointing at the Business Cards tab.

Business card

Once you click on the business cards tab, you can choose what paper quality you want your cards to be. I went with the premium paper quality. They have 4 different paper qualities (different prices) that all offer a different style. Choose which one you want and click it. You will now see a pop up window that looks like this:

dj business card

You may choose whatever one to your liking. VistaPrint has a variety of already made designs you can use. If you have a logo or image you want to add to your business card, you can choose “Start with your logo”. Once you choose how to design your card, you will be directed to the creation page.

#4 Add content to your DJ business card

how to create a business card

You may add your logo into the box or a background image. If you want it to be a background image, you must drag the corners of the box to make it bigger and adjust it to the way you want it. Now lets talk about what else should go on your DJ business card.

Your Name or Business Name: 

You want people to remember your name of course. I recommend using both your DJ name and your business name.

Your Phone Number:

This is self explanatory…

Your Email Address:

This is the future. If you do not have an email address by now… There is no hope for you. No, I’m just kidding. Trust me, put your email address on your business card. Many people would rather ask you a question through an email rather than talk on the phone.

Your Website:

This is pretty much self explanatory as well. People are going to want to see how professional you are as well as see pictures of the events you’ve performed. Make sure your website is nice and ready! I’ll teach you what you need to know about a DJ website if you’re interested in creating one!

#5 Purchase Your DJ Business Cards

After you create your DJ business card the way you want it. You can proceed to purchase your business cards through VistaPrint by clicking the Next button. Now, you can view your DJ business card to see how it will look. You can accept the way it looks, pay for the cards, and they will be on the way!

Do you have any ideas on what a DJ business card should look like? Questions? Comments? Feel free to share your thoughts!

Brian Russell

Hello! Brian here, and I am the creator of The DJ Pro and have been DJing for 10+ years! (you read that right, YEARS!) I created this website to help struggling beginner DJs learn how to be a DJ, how to mix music, and how to create an amazing DJ website from scratch so you can promote your DJ business better!

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