DJ Controller Payment Plan | No Credit | 0% Interest | Guaranteed Low prices

Dj Controller Payment Plan on a budget. No credit check, 0% interest, & guaranteed low prices makes purchasing DJ gear as easy as ordering pizza! #dj #thedjpro #djsetup #djcontroller #djcontrollerpaymentplan #djgear #djsetup #djequipment


DJ Controller Payment Plan  

Looking for a DJ Controller payment plan? Let me guess, you’re on a budget and you want to start making money right now performing as a DJ? Compared to other companies I’ve researched, zZounds is the only company that offers the best deals due to their affordable monthly payment options at 0% interest, guaranteed low prices, & honorable No Credit check.

As a matter of fact, it’s unheard of not to charge interest on a payment plan!!!!

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What is so special about zZounds?

  • Guaranteed low prices. You can’t find a better deal!
  • No Interest 0% payment plans. You don’t pay extra at all!
  • No credit check payment plans
  • First Payment Ships Gear!
  • FREE 2 Day shipping on 90% of orders & FREE SHIPPING on every order!
  • You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day!

That chunk of money you just put away to start saving for your next DJ necessity can go towards your first monthly payment. Play now and pay later! I have horrible credit and they accepted me for their 12month plans.

payment plan pricing
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DJ Controller Payment Plan Proof

In the Youtube video below, I explain all about this affordable DJ equipment secret. Also, I explain how I bought my DDJ SX2 through zZounds through a really good DJ Controller Payment plan option.

dj controller payment plan


Reasons why to choose zZounds 

First, zZounds has the industries best payment plan deals:

First off, I can’t make this stuff up. It says so on their website! Also, I did my research and I couldn’t find any other sites that offer absolutely NO CREDIT CHECK for their customers. No questions or paperwork! Perfect for a DJ controller payment plan!


Secondly, If you see it for less, simply let them know and they will price match that product so that you get the best deal. Try to find a better DJ controller payment plan!

Third, zZounds accepts everyone for their 12 month plan (Even with bad credit):

Thirdly, I was a victim of identity theft and it screwed up my credit. IT’S REALLY BAD. I know what it’s like to be denied opportunities and zZounds made a special place in my heart by accepting me! Literally, they’re the only company that’s ever accepted my credit! On the 4 Payments – Payment plan, it says no credit check, but I figured I’d check to see if I’d get accepted for their 12 Payments – Payment Plan. To sum it up, it worked!

Fourth, First payment ships your order out to your door step in 2 BUSINESS DAYS:

Best of all, if your DJ gear breaks on you through wear and tear, you can order from zZounds and expect your gear to arrive in 2 business days. In fact, that’s how I found zZounds. A while ago, I needed a Dj controller for a gig I had coming up because my controller broke. Luckily, I found zZounds! Don’t buy used gear!

Fifth, Customers can buy an entire DJ Setup and break the payments into monthly installments:

That’s right, the cap off for a 12 month payment plan is up to $3000! Furthermore, anything extra will be included in your first monthly payment.

save money

Sixth, zZounds charges a ONE TIME PROCESSING FEE (No Interest) ranging from $3.95 – $17.95:

The processing fee is not interest. You do not have to apply for a in-house credit card like the other competitor websites. The fee is only to offset the cost to provide these wonderful payment plans! The most you’ll pay extra is a one time processing fee depending on the total amount you rack up on check out. If you were to add interest to your monthly payments, it would add up to way more than $17!

dj controller payment plan

Seventh, 45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or Return your product with no questions asked:

Generally, customers have to keep their product forever after they purchase it, but not at zZounds. Buy it, Try it, like it? Keep it. Don’t like what you paid for? Return it within 45 days!  In comparison to another company, I’ve never seen anyone offer this.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go see for yourself why I cant stop talking about this company!

dj controller payment plan

dj controller payment plan

My Testimony with zZounds:

Overall, I’ve been purchasing gear through zZounds for about 6 years now, and as you can see, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them. More over, I can provide you with proof of my purchases in my, “How I afford all of my DJ Gear through monthly payments“. I really believe what this company has to offer is very special. In summary, I believe it can benefit others as it did for me.

Dj Controller Payment Plan on a budget. No credit check, 0% interest, & guaranteed low prices makes purchasing DJ gear as easy as ordering pizza! #dj #thedjpro #djsetup #djcontroller #djcontrollerpaymentplan #djgear #djsetup #djequipment


If you’re looking for a DJ controller payment plan and you’re on a budget like I am, zZounds is going to be a smooth and worry-free process. It only takes 10 minutes to add Dj equipment to your cart and check out. Similarly, it’s so easy to get approved for their 12 month payment option! Who would have known people with a bad credit score can be accepted for such a great plan! Please share this post, rate it, and comment on it! I would love to answer any questions you may have.

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