5 Tips On How To Make Your DJ Website Stand Out

I want to discuss 5 tips on how to make your DJ website stand out. These tips are very important to understand before you begin your DJ website. After you read this post, You may want to check out “How To Create A DJ Website In 5 Simple Steps“. For now, pay attention and get ready. It’s about to rain light bulbs in your brain!

So, what are 5 tips on how to make your DJ website stand out?

  1. Create a business name
  2. Link up with Extra Services
  3. Create Email, Facebook, Instagram, Etc, With Your Business Name
  4. Take A Lot Of Pictures & Post Them
  5. Learn CSS And How To Style Your Site

# 1 Create A Business Name

This is aside from your DJ name. People that are hiring entertainment for their business are more inclined to go through an experienced entertainment business rather than a stand alone DJ. They can write it off on their taxes! A lot of disc jockeys would rather name their site what their DJ name is but if you really think about it, is there a better way?

Creating a business name and maybe even naming the domain name of your site by your business name can be beneficial. For instance, my business name is Florida Dj Pro Entertainment. I own the domain name: www.FloridaDjPro.com.

My DJ name is DJ Charles. I know. It’s not funny or cool but Charles stands for chuck and I’ll chuck you up.

#2 Link Up With Extra Services

Once you come up with a business name, you can start linking up. I would recommend going on LinkedIn or any social media platform where you can find local disc jockeys, photographers, clowns, dancers, etc. Ask people to become a part of your team so you can offer more services on your website. There are people out there all the time searching for more than just a DJ!

Maybe a client needs a DJ for a date that your already booked on. You do not want to say, “I’m sorry but I’m booked”. No! Call up that DJ you met on Facebook and ask him/her if they are available on that date. You can make an extra profit sub-contracting your business to other disc jockeys.

Providing people with more than just musical entertainment, such as a catering company to cater their event, or a photo booth, or even an event planner to plan out a wedding, will show people that you mean business. It works!

dj website

Contact these people and ask them what their prices are and if they would be willing to set up a business contract. If you start bringing them more business, maybe they will give you a better deal on their services. If a client asks you for a photographer and your photographer is available on that day than you already know what to charge your client!

Your price + Extra Service = MORE MONEY!

Your not doing this extra service perk on your website just for them right? It’s cool if you are, but I recommend trying to make some sort of profit off additional services! At first, you may not make a profit. Maybe you can work out a deal with your extra service partner eventually if you get them enough work!

#3 Create Email, Facebook, Instagram, Etc, With Your Business Name

It’s not a good idea to use your personal Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, or even your personal email address. You want your personal accounts to reflect you and who you are and you want your business accounts to reflect your BUSINESS! Every phrase, photo, video, or link you post needs to be about your business!

You want people to remember you and not have to struggle when they try to search for you on any search engines. If your website, email address, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Etc, are all the same name (Your business name) than there is a HUGE CHANCE that your business name is going to stick in their heads.

You have a higher chance of earning a new customer on social media if you advertise yourself as a business. You will also entice people whom can offer your clients extra services to take you more seriously when you ask them to become a part of your team! Be professional with your business name!

#4 Take A Lot Of Pictures & Post Them

It’s very important to take as many pictures of yourself performing as possible. Videos & photos of your performances will show people physical proof that you have experience. If your social media pages and your website is just full of text, and no photos, it’s not very eye catching. 2017 called and just told you to get with the future!

When people see a photo of you performing a Wedding, it shows them that your capable of handling such a task. Just from that one photo, you can generate a list of people that will think of you next time they need a DJ. It’s very important to keep posting photos or videos to establish a trust with your audience.

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You can also put hashtags on each one of the photos/videos you post. Hashtag where the event was located, hashtag the city you were in, and whatever else hashtags you think will work. People are searching hashtags all the time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Example: You post a photo of you Djing a birthday party at the Breakers Hotel. You hashtag it with as many hashtags as you can think of:

#breakers #breakersHotel #partyAtTheBreakers #Dj #WestPalmBeach #SouthFloridaDj #BirthdayDj #YouGetThePoint

Now, when people are searching hashtags, your photo/video will pop up in their search results! It’s a great way to gain more followers and new clients! Create a gallery on your DJ website and make sure you post all of the same photos on that page. Every post you make on your social media accounts can have a link to the DJ gallery of your DJ website!

#5 Learn CSS And How To Style Your Site

This can be overwhelming to learn. If you have absolutely no experience in CSS or have no clue what it is than I recommend watching this video to get an idea. It’s basically code that makes your website look good:

If you don’t know how to even make a website, don’t worry, I will get to that in later posts. Just know that learning how to style your website is important. WordPress allows you to choose different themes to make your website look great, but your limited to the way it can look. If you want to change details of your theme, you need to understand CSS and how it works.

I will teach you in later posts how to style your website with WordPress. How to change the background, fonts, headers, footers, sidebars, or anything on your site to look how you want it. Once you learn CSS, there is no limit to the amount of things you can do with any website!


This post covered 5 tips on how to make your DJ website standout more. Keep coming back to see more tips! I will be gradually adding more to the site as time goes on. I really would like to hear what you guys think! If you have a comment or question, post it! This website is here for you to learn so take it to your advantage. We have a DJ community ready to help!

Brian Russell

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