JBL EON615 1000W 15″ 15 inch Powered 2-Way Speaker Review

JBL EON615 – 1000 Watt – 15″ Introduction

First off, JBL claims these are super speakers that do it all! Well they were right! I am so excited for these speakers to be part of my setup now. I’m jumping for joy! I am really happy to own these speakers now because I’ve wanted them for a long time. Finally, I can hear my system do some thump thump! Also, be sure to check out my youtube review at the bottom of this article!

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Similarly, there are many other speakers that are just as affordable as these EON615’s. So, be sure to check out “5 Affordable Pairs of DJ Speakers For Your Setup”.


Furthermore, I bought these JBL EON615 speakers, and as a result, my sound is so much better! Overall, Everything sounds crisp and super loud! In fact, below are the pair of JBL EON615 Speakers I bought with protective bags, two XLR cords, and two speaker stands. Wait until you see how much I paid for these bad boys!

jbl eon615
dj speakers
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Moreover, I cannot express how important it is to buy the protective bags for these speakers or any speakers in that matter. As a matter of fact, I thought I wouldn’t need the protective bags with my last set of speakers, but I was so wrong. My Mackie thumps got thumped up! It’s inevitable you’re going to have a bad night where something goes wrong and a speaker slips out of your hand, or you knock it into a door, or god forbid, a guest kicks it over and breaks their leg.

Above all, the JBL EON615 speakers are extremely fresh looking, they sound amazing, and I’m really glad I bought them!

In fact, Check out how much i’m paying in the image below! For example, I paid $121.20 for my very first payment on May 7th, 2018. Zzounds shipped me my speakers in two days. I paid $103.25 a month thereafter. Considering this was in 2018, I’d say these speakers might just be cheaper by now!

jbl eon615
See Payment Plan Details

jbl eon615

In short, add all of these payments up and try to find a better deal. If you do. zZounds will match it. It says it right on their homepage. I’ve been dealing with them for 6 years now and I have nothing but great things to say.

I paid $121.20 for my first payment and these speakers were sent to my door step in 2 business days!


I really love these speakers and the bags they came with. My favorite thing to do is wear my speakers like a back pack and still have my hands to carry extra equipment! Although, using my cart is always my first option, but when I’m in a pinch,  the backpack is the way to go. To demonstrate, I’ve constructed a video to further explain this review in better detail. Please share, leave a comment and a like, and come back for more good content!

JBL EON615 Youtube Review

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