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Microphones have come a long way since Thomas Edison invented the first practical carbon microphone in 1886! Though that carbon microphone was mainly for radio transmissions and telephone transmitters, it paved the way for entertainment to come.

Now, microphones are used everywhere including venues, corporate events, weddings, sweet sixteens, and any place of entertainment. If you think you’re going to be a DJ and not have a microphone to make announcements, toasts, or let others perform for their guests, think again!

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Why should DJs use a microphone?

  • Microphones are great for “breaking the ice” with your audiences. Usually, guests will know each other, but they don’t know who you are. So, a little introduction and a playful attitude, more times than not, could potentially bring more people to your dance floor
  • Making remarks on funny moments will bring more laughter and joy to your sets!
  • Most of the time, the people you work for may assume a microphone is part of your DJ setup. In fact, I’ve even had people ask me where’s your microphone at?
  • Sometimes, your clients may have an unexpected singer wanting to perform for everyone. Microphones can bring a sense of enlightenment to your client!

What kind of mic should DJs use?

Basically, the most common microphone in the DJ entertainment industry today is the SM58 handheld wireless microphone transmitter along with the BLX2 receiver. These systems are a couple hundred dollars and some change (unless you pay monthly). In fact, I’ve personally performed at certain venues where they request no less than a SM58 wireless microphone for performance they can trust. I assure you, investing into a wireless SM58 microphone system will make you look the upmost professional out there on your DJ gigs. Personally, I paid monthly payments, no interest, and with no credit check for this Microphone setup deal!

Also, another great cheaper alternative is to invest in a SM58 dynamic microphone which doesn’t break $100. Of course, you must invest in a long enough XLR cable to plug your SM58 dynamic microphone into your DJ controller, mixer, or PA speakers. Whatever you do, don’t go cheap! You can pay monthly payments on this microphone and spend even less today!

I’ve learned the hard way in the past by purchasing cheap microphone systems and constantly had the signal cutting in and out, feedback, and distortion you wouldn’t believe. Be sure to check out 5 of the best microphone systems to see how cheap your first payments will be on the best mics out! If you just want to figure a way to make your mic louder, read on!

How do you make your Mic Louder?

Eventually, it’s a problem every DJ stumbles upon at least once in their DJing life time! For instance, you’re adjusting knobs in a panic trying to make your mic louder and prevent feedback. You want everyone to hear, but no matter what you do, your DJ set up, or speakers, seem like their not doing the trick.

Another example, you plug your microphone directly into the back of a PA loud speaker through an XLR input, and even with the knob turned all the way up, you still can’t get your mic louder! I wrote this post to tell you there’s an easy solution to this problem and it’s not buying a new microphone, speaker, or DJ controller!

So, how do you make your DJ mic louder? In brief, the easiest solution to make any mic louder is to use an external compact mixer with a built-in preamplifier to increase, or customize, the sound of your vocals.

Feedback can be a DJs worst nightmare. In fact, it’s worth it to know that whatever you’re plugging your microphone into, it will need enough head room and amps to boost your vocals without sounding like nails on a chalkboard. You can play with the 3-band EQ on the microphone channel you’re plugged into on your DJ controller or mixer. For instance, turn the main mic channel up until you hear feedback, take out some bass, add or subtract mids and highs until you get it where you want. Is it enough?

How does an external compact mixer make your DJ mic louder?

To explain, most DJ controllers on-board mixers use up all of their preamp juice when the speakers are cranked up. So, by adding a mixer, with its own preamps & channels, will make your mic louder. Most importantly, the compact mixer will give your microphone more head room allowing it not to clip. With proper gain-staging, this will make your audio sound more clean with less distortion! Adding an external compact mixer can turn your DJ controller with one microphone channel into multiple plus more!

What else is an external compact mixer good for?

Compact mixers are good for bands that want to connect their microphones, instruments, or any electronic with the right cables to widen the possibilities of your performances or recordings. In fact, some DJ controllers have two RCA or XLR master outputs to run cables to two speakers, and by adding an external compact mixer, you can add more slot outputs to either add subwoofers or an extra microphone. It’s always a good option for mobile DJs to have extra output slots in case someone needs to plug into your sound system such as a guitarist or any other performer. Have you ever tried to plug your DJ microphone into your DJ speaker and just couldn’t get the volume to be loud enough or sound right? Well, with an external compact mixer, you can have full control!

How do you connect an external compact mixer to your DJ Controller/DJ speakers and then to your wireless microphone?

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Most of the time, DJ Controllers or DJ speakers will have XLR or RCA outputs. If that’s the case, you connect one XLR or RCA cable from your DJ speaker or DJ controller to an external compact mixer, and then connect another XLR or RCA cable to your microphone. Usually, compact mixers come with all kinds of inputs and outputs these days along with numerous channels you can plug into. You can try to plug your wireless microphone straight into your DJ speakers without a compact mixer and you just don’t get the loudness you’re looking for!

Where to find external compact mixers?

These little compact mixers can make a huge difference in the sound quality of your microphone system. Basically, most DJ controllers and speakers already have built-in preamps to magnify your sound, but these compact mixers are built to do more than just making a mic louder. In fact, we’ve put together a list of compact mixers from The DJ Pro’s number 1 trusted site, zZounds, and compiled them below to explain each mixers features and what they’re capable of!

What is zZounds?

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Affordable Mixer List to make your mic louder:

Behringer XENYX 1002 Stereo Mixer:

mic louder
First small payment ships!

With 10 total inputs, this analog compact mixer is one of the best mixers you can get for the price. Also, it has two state-of-the-art microphone preamp channels with one post-fader FX send per channel. Not only can you shape your sound with its post-fader effects, but it has 3-band EQ which is found on most DJ controllers! The Behringer XENYX 1002 Stereo Mixer will make your mic louder, prevent feedback, and give you even more options with its main mix outputs plus separate control room, phones and stereo CD/Tape outputs. Best of all, you don’t have to pay extra, or full price. Monthly payments are available on this beauty and can be yours with one small first payment!

Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer:

behringer xenyx 802
First small payment ships!

This little compact mixer packs a punch whether you’re trying to make your mic louder and more crisp, record high-quality audio, or plug in even more external devices. The Behringer XENYX 802 Mixer is a low-noise analog mixer with high head room on two XLR channels and 8 inputs all together. Also, it has two stereo channels, phones, and stereo CD/Tape inputs assignable to the main mix or control room/phones outputs. Best of all, with two state-of-the-art mic preamps, your signal will be boosted to sound loud and crystal clear. Lastly, be sure to check out more information on this affordable compact mixer through cheap monthly payments you just can’t beat!

Mackie Mix5 5-Channel Compact Mixer:

mackie mix5 5 channel mixer

This compact mixer is for a very simple basic setup which features one XLR microphone input along with 2 pairs of 1/4″ stereo inputs. Mackie is the world leader in compact mixer designs and they prove it with the Mackie Mix5 5 Channel compact mixer. That’s right, 5 channels proven to have low-noise and plenty of high-headroom. Additionally, this beast features one mic line input with excellent quality, 2-band EQ with precise tone-shaping, and phantom power in case you ever decide to record with a condenser microphone. Best of all, it’s one of the cheapest and long lasting compact mixers you can get during the time frame of this post! Make sure you check out more information not listed here as well as how actually cheap this quality machine is!


So, whether you’re wondering if you need a microphone to DJ or if you’re curious how to make your mic louder, this post was made to give you the answers you need! We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did writing it so to show some appreciation, please share this post with your friends! Leave a comment and if you have any other useful information I left out, please let us know!

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