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No Credit Check DJ Equipment

First, I want to explain to you where my life would be right now if it wasn’t for this company I’m going to tell you about. Actually, I literally don’t know where my life would be right now, but it wouldn’t be good. I do know I wouldn’t be making the money I’m making now only working 25 hours a MONTH! I highly recommend you read further…

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This was years ago, but I asked for the 12 month payment plan option and zZounds is the only company that has ever accepted me to pay payments monthly with no interest ! I’ve heard some people don’t get accepted for the 12 month payment plan so I guess I did get lucky, but they still have other options at no credit check! In fact, they still have payment plans that are still less than the total amount but it may be around 4 monthly payments. Try it now and thank me later!

In the image below, for example, the total price is $999 and with Zzounds they allow you to play as you pay! So, the first option allows you to split the payment into 12 monthly payment options so divide $999 by 12 and thats your first payment! See which one you can get accepted for!

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How did I find zZounds?

In fact, I used to work 40+ hours a week. I was working for a dead end company that never was going to be an actual career no matter how hard I tried to show them I was capable of advancing. There was no hope… I always had dreams of becoming a rapper/producer so I decided to start looking for like-minded people.

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Furthermore, on the weekends, I searched for people in my local area (Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, & Charity Events) whom were already making money in the music industry. I figured if I became friends with them than they would help me with my career change. Unknowingly, this was going to be the life changer I was looking for. This was the scene I wanted to be in…

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Reality Check on my CREDIT

Unfortunately, I was a victim of identity theft at age 18 and I’ve been trying to fix my credit for years. It’s really bad and all of my new DJ friends I met explained to me that I would have to save up a lot of money to buy all of my DJ equipment. I tried to beat around the bush and find used DJ Gear on craigslist & Offer up, but this ended up being a waste of money.



Every single piece of DJ Equipment I bought that was used has failed me in some way… 

Finally, I had opportunities for a Music career I could actually advance in but no way to afford the DJ Equipment that would get me in the spot light.

To summarize, it wasn’t until I met my friend DJ Matt whom told me about a company called zZounds (Below) that I would find exactly what I needed. He told me he also had horrible credit and he wouldn’t have been able to afford any of the TOP-NOTCH DJ Equipment he owns today.

Of course, I was skeptical at first, but it wasn’t until I actually went to their website and got approved for the 12 month payment plan on a new DDJ SX2, that I really started believing.

This really is No credit check DJ Equipment!

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No Credit Check DJ Equipment!

payment plan pricing


In conclusion, When I say this is No credit check DJ Equipment payment plans, I mean it! zZounds says “No Credit Check” on their 4 month payment plans. I decided to ask for the 12 month option and it worked. There is no way they based my approval upon my credit because I never get accepted for anything!

This company not only gave me a career, but it saved my life! Please leave your testimonial in the comment section about your purchase with zZounds.

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