Pioneer DDJ SX2 vs Upgraded DDJ SX3 DJ Controller New Features (with pictures)

About The Pioneer DDJ SX2 Dj Controller

ddj sx2

To begin with, the Pioneer DDJ SX2 Dj Controller is absolutely my most favorite DJ Controller.

The Pioneer DDJ SX2 Colored Performance Pads are what sold me on this DJ Controller because you can do a plethora of mix trick combinations that seem endless and keep me engaged in every mix, as well as my audiences!

Notably, Pioneer constructed the DDJ SX2 to perfectly match Serato DJs functionality so you can have it all at your fingertips. When it’s time to mix and use your imagination, the Pioneer DDJ SX2 Dj controller will never let you down.

In fact, I first purchased my Pioneer DDJ SX2 about 2 years ago from today and its still running strong!

Even more, this controller comes with Serato DJ which is one of the most popular mixing programs for professional Djs.

In comparison, the upgraded Pioneer DDJ SX3 has the same exact functions as the Pioneer DDJ SX2. (with some added features of course!)

About The Pioneer DDJ SX3 Dj Controller

Pioneer took the DDJ SX2 and turned it into a beast they call the Pioneer DDJ SX3. Basically, they upgraded a lot of good stuff that makes it, in my opinion, one of the best DJ controllers on the market. I’m going to share with you below all the goodies you need to know about these beasts!

Pioneer DDJ SX2 vs SX3 Price Differences?

As a matter of fact, I bought my Pioneer DDJ SX2 a while ago for around the same price the Pioneer DDJ SX3 is now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any prices on the Pioneer DDJ SX2 but I did manage to find the price of the DDJ SX3.

I didn’t pay full price for my Pioneer DDJ SX3 either. I paid NO INTEREST monthly payments from a website that changed my life. Don’t believe me? Click the DDJ SX3 below to see how much your first payment will be…

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In comparison, the upgraded Pioneer DDJ SX3 has the same exact functions as the Pioneer DDJ SX2. Of course, with some added features as I explain below…

Pioneer DDJ SX2 vs DDJ SX3 Product Feature Comparison

First off, I’ll start out by saying there are more features the Pioneer DDJ SX3 has over the SX2 than I thought!

So, What is the difference between the Pioneer DDJ SX2 vs DDJ SX3?

#1) The DDJ SX3 has 2 USB Inputs instead of the Pioneer DDJ SX2 only having 1

This Allows you to connect 2 laptops at the same time to switch off!

pioneer ddj sx2


#2) The DDJ SX3 has 3 Microphone inputs instead of the DDJ SX2 which only has 2

With the SX2, you can’t do a 4 deck mix while your microphone is plugged into the 3rd deck. With the SX3, you now have that extra port!

In the image below, Mic 3 is located on the front of the controller along with an on and off switch.

mic 3

#3) The DDJ SX3 has enhanced vocals with Sound Colour FX & Serato DJ Pro FX

4 New buttons in the center of the Pioneer DDJ SX3 called, “Sound Color Effects”!

These effects will work on your Mic, line, phono, & your 4 decks. We have Echo, Jet, Noise, & Filter.

color effects

#4) The DDJ SX2 has the velocity sampler only and it does not have pitch play.

The picture below is the DDJ SX3 showing the new pitch play feature.

ddj sx3

#5) Pioneer upgraded the Sample Volume fader on the Pioneer DDJ SX2 to the Sample Volume Knob on the DDJ SX3.

No more fader! The SX3 is knobbin in style!

sample knob

#6) The Grid adjustment Slide on the DDJ SX2 has been upgraded to the Key up & down/ Sync buttons & Reset on the DDJ SX3.

key up

#7) A & B Library Switch is completely new on the DDJ SX3! Located in the center of unit, it allows you to transfer back and fourth between laptops!

A B switch

#8) They upgraded the 1 & 2 FX buttons to Phono / Line Switches and moved some other buttons around for easier access on the fly!

phono line

#9) Lastly, Pioneer made the chassis to the Pioneer DDJ SX3 easier to open by splitting the controller into 3 sections!

This means it’s easier for technicians to get into the controller and fix broken components. 

Pros and Cons of upgrading to the Ddj SX3 from the Ddj SX2:


  • The option to use 2 computers at the same time
  • Extra mic port option
  • An easier interface to navigate
  • Vocal effects
  • New pitch play feature

The DDJ SX3 will give you the ability to put on a more professional and unique performance for your audience. 

Its great for a Mobile DJ who’s primary gigs are at clubs and bars.


  • Can be overwhelming for a beginner
  • It is a large expense on the front end

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If you enjoyed this comparison review or have any questions or concerns please leave a comment down below.

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