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So, the big day is on the way and your precious little angel is not so little anymore. Am I right? Or, perhaps you’re here to get some tips on how to DJ a Sweet 16. Regardless, one thing I do know for certain, you’re here to learn how a DJ can make a little girls Sweet 16 one of the best days of her life. Well, you’ve made it to the right place, because In this post, I will explain exactly why you should hire a DJ to for your Sweet 16!

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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire a DJ for Your Sweet 16

  1. Dj’s stay current with trending music genres across all platforms such as the radio, YouTube, Spotify, & The Billboards Top 100.
  2. A professional Dj will coordinate your Sweet 16 by following a schedule formulated just the way you want it from start to finish! A professional DJ communicates to your guests what’s happening next and keeps everyone involved.
  3. Furthermore, professional Dj’s not only stay up-to-date with new trending music, but they also categorize music by clean and explicit. Most of the time, 16 year olds like to listen to explicit music which a lot of parents don’t agree with. A professional DJ will request a song list and play the clean versions of their favorite songs!
  4. Professional DJs know how to get even the most stiff people in the room to loosen up and enjoy themselves by reading the crowd and playing music that pertains to each person.
  5. A professional DJ will have a sound system not only to encourage dancing, but it’s loud enough to hear announcements that are crucial to the organization of formalities. Many times, a sweet 16 will have a lot of people in one area which can get very noisy. A sound system will ensure everyone, even old grandpa sags, will be able to hear what’s happening next.
  6. Professional DJs with professional setups encourage people to get on the dance floor with their professional appearance and special lighting designed to set the dancing mood so people have fun!
  7. A professional DJ will charge a fair rate for a Sweet 16 because they’re experienced enough to perform it with ease and they know how much they’re worth!
  8. Usually, DJs can give you an idea on what venues are suitable for your Sweet 16. For example, a DJ might recommend you have your Sweet 16 at a local dance hall in your area.
  9. Finally, DJs usually offer package deals with their entertainment such as face painting, break dancers, magicians, catering, photo booths, photographers, videographers, etc. So, going through a professional DJ company will save you money in the long run by bundling services!

What is a Sweet 16?

sweet 16 party

Basically, a Sweet 16 is a young teenaged girls (boys) birthday party where they celebrate the fact that she’s growing up and reaching young adulthood.

If you do a little research, you’ll find that people have been celebrating Sweet 16s for over a hundred years! In fact, Sweet 16s have been said to of started a long time ago when Queen Victoria reigned over the United Kingdom around 1837! Also, known as the Victorian era…

Lets Compare a Sweet 16, Shall we?

In comparison, a wedding reception can have many similarities to a Sweet 16. Usually, unlike any other birthday, this special 16th birthday is celebrated with friends and family at a special venue or house.

Also, specific formalities such as introductions, father-daughter dance, candle ceremony, passing of heirlooms, a shoe ceremony, etc. are all traditions that may be celebrated at a Sweet 16.

Every Sweet 16 is Different!

For the most part, every Sweet 16 is different in their own way depending on what the birthday girl decides she wants to do with her family. Now, lets talk about these traditional formalities you may witness at a Sweet 16.

Sweet 16s Traditional Formalities

So, I told you what some of the special formalities are called that you may see at a Sweet 16, but there is still a lot to learn. Next, lets talk about What Happens at a Sweet 16?

  • Introduction:

First off, the introduction to a Sweet 16 is one of the most crucial moments of the entire celebration. Typically, the DJ will go over the introduction with the client and get everything written down correctly weeks in advance such as:

  1. The names of the parties being introduced
  2. The correct pronunciations of everyones names
  3. Their relation to the guest of honor
  4. The order at which everyone enters

Once everything is correct, all the DJ has to do is get the go ahead that the young lady and her party are ready for introductions.

Ladies & gentlemen, let’s give a warm round of applause for the moment we’ve all been waiting for!!!

  • Shoe Ceremony:
shoe ceremony

Generally, the shoe ceremony is celebrated after the introduction, but keep in mind, every Sweet 16 is different so the chronological order of these formalities will vary. Again, the point of a Shoe Ceremony is to acknowledge the fact that the Sweet 16 year old girl of honor is maturing into an adult.

To explain, this is how the shoe ceremony works:

  • The girl of honors significant other escorts her to her father, who is in front of a chair in the middle of the room for everyone to see.
  • Then, another relative brings out a pair of shoes and a tiara.
  • Thirdly, The father takes the tiara (which is a crown decorated with jewels) and the pair of shoes (usually women’s high heels).
  • Next, the father shows his acknowledgment that his daughter is now an adult by taking off the shoes she’s wearing and putting on the high heels.
  • Lastly, he then puts the tiara on her head signifying she’s a princess! She’s been crowned!

  • Father-Daughter Dance:
father daughter dance

Usually after the introduction, the father (or mother depending on circumstances) takes this opportunity to take his little ones hand to share a dance on the floor in front of everyone to see.

Sometimes, the father will ask the DJ for a wireless microphone to say a very loving speech to express his love for his daughter. This ceremony is a very special moment and hiring a professional DJ will ensure you make this birthday the best Sweet 16 any person could ever ask for!

Moreover, professional DJs will pre-plan this father-daughter special moment ahead of time and make sure the correct song plays on cue when it’s time. Best of all, keeping the event running as smooth as possible. A professional DJ will know exactly what to do so you can cherish these special moments.

  • Candle Ceremony:
candle ceremony

Next, when its almost time for cake, the Sweet 16 year old celebrates the Candle Ceremony. During the Candle Ceremony, the birthday girl lights each candle one by one and calls up sixteen of the most important people in her life.

Sometimes, it’s up to that special person to light the candle together with the Sweet 16 year old guest of honor depending on how they want to do things.

Again, just like the father-daughter dance, a lot of pre-planning can go into the Candle Ceremony of a Sweet 16. In fact, sixteen year old girls are very creative so most likely, she might want intro music for each person she calls up. Similarly, to the introduction, a professional DJ will need some information.

The DJ will need the following information for all 16 people:
  1. The names of the parties being introduced
  2. The correct pronunciations of everyones names
  3. Their relation to the guest of honor
  4. The order at which everyone will light candles

Much like the introductions, the DJ will call up each individual person to light a candle. Again, hiring an experienced DJ will ensure this ceremony runs smoothly.

  • Passing of Heirlooms:
sweet 16 chandelier

This is another special ceremony that you may see at a Sweet 16. At some Sweet 16s, families will pass down special jewelry or any special heirloom they hold dear to their hearts.

Basically, the passing of heirlooms, is a parents way of showing acknowledgement that their Sweet 16 year old birthday girl is becoming a woman. Now, she’s able to show responsibility by holding on to a piece of their family history!

When Should You Start Planning a Sweet 16?

Depending on the popularity of the venue you plan to have your Sweet 16, it’s recommended to start planning your Sweet sixteen 4-6 months in advance. Consider hiring a planner who is experienced in these sort of Sweet 16 events if your schedule is too much for you to handle it. In fact, planners will help you from start to finish, recommending the best course of action to make your little girls Sweet 16 the best it can be.

In comparison, a Sweet 16 can take just as long to plan as a wedding. Usually, hiring a planner, booking the ballroom, choosing food platters, decorations, sending invitations, finding the right dress, cake, & even hiring entertainment such as a DJ can take a long time to plan out. So, make sure you give yourself enough time or else you may have to settle for something less fancy!

How Much Does a DJ Charge for a Sweet 16?

So, this completely depends on the experience of the DJ. In fact, if you do not do your research, you may end up overpaying for a DJ who is not experienced in Sweet 16s. Although, you can chance it with a random DJ who is charging less than everyone else, I recommend going through a local DJ company where you know they rely on the most experienced DJs.

An experienced DJ company will charge anywhere from $500-$600 for a 4 to 5 hour long Sweet 16. Again, this depends on many factors such as the length of the Sweet 16, the experience of the DJ, the number of guests, location, & preparation.

What are you hiring the DJ to do?

In actuality, you’re paying the DJ to do a lot more than you think. Usually, DJs charge a little extra due to the fact that they must arrive early for setup and stay later than everyone else to pack up. Keep in mind, the DJ is pre-planning with the family in advance by creating the Sweet 16s ceremony schedule sheet, learning names for introductions, creating song playlists, carrying around several thousand dollars worth of equipment, setting it up, performing all night, reloading the equipment in the car, and once again unloading equipment when they get home.

My Conclusion on Sweet 16s

In my experience of being a DJ, I’ve found that some Sweet 16s can be trickier to DJ than others. Most of the time, the mother and father (mostly the father) are very nervously anxious at their daughters Sweet 16. In fact, many emotions can be running through everyone so it’s always best to always keep a positive attitude and remember you’re there for your daughter! Ok, sorry, I may be getting a little personal…

Anyway, if you liked this post than be sure to check out my homepage and keep learning! Please leave a comment if you have any questions or have any ideas of some things I didn’t mention in this post about a Sweet 16!

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