How I afford all of my DJ gear through monthly payments

It sounds too good to be true! The DJ Pro says, “I KNOW”!!

If you have DJ gear on your wish list and you are still saving up those dollars than you’ve stumbled upon the right place! What if I told you that there’s a better way to afford your DJ gear? If you put money away to save for equipment  than this is the same exact thing except you get to play first and PAY LATER!

Affordable DJ Gear

What is so special about zZounds?

Why choose zZounds you may ask? I shortened it up in my own words. Let me cut to the chase:

  • No credit check payment plans… Have credit? Even better payment plans
  • zZounds does not over charge on products. Seen it for less? Let them know!
  • FREE 2 Day shipping on 90% of orders… FREE SHIPPING on every order
  • They have the widest selection of name-brand DJ gear and instruments at guaranteed lowest prices. 
  • I’ll say that again… GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES!
  • You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day AND RECEIVE IT IN 2 DAYS! (Great for emergencies!)
dj gear

I had HORRIBLE credit so I was skeptical when I read  “NO CREDIT CHECK” on their site. It did ask me if it was ok to check my credit, so at that point, I lost hope.  Regardless if they checked my credit or not, it worked! I wonder what deals they give to people with good credit! Anyway, let me show you what I have bought from zZounds. This is affordable DJ Gear!

Pioneer DDJ SX3

I bought my DDJ SX2 for around $140 for my first payment and 8 payments of around $120/month, NO CREDIT CHECK (Remember, the DDJ SX2 was more expensive back in 2016 and you can get a DDJ SX3 now for that price, or cheaper?)  Here is my proof:

ddj sx2
Click this image to see how much your first payment will be!

Chauvet DJ Colorstrip Mini Light Effects

Also, I bought my Chauvet DJ ColorStrip Mini (2016). 4 payments of around $25!!:

Click the image above to see how cheap your first payment will be!

Eon615 JBL Powered 2-Way DJ Speakers

A couple days ago (2018), I bought BLUETOOTH JBL Speakers with stands and carrying cases. 12 payments of around $100 They are super loud!!:

Click the image above to see how cheap your first payment will be!



Furthermore, I actually wrote another post about The Best 10 DJ controllers. I explain the features of each one and how they differ. I also show you how you can afford each one through monthly payments!


I highly suggest giving zZounds a chance and looking through their affordable DJ gear. I strongly encourage you to stop back by and leave a comment about your experience with zZounds! I am really trying to help people afford DJ equipment so they can start their DJ business so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have given you the secret to affordable equipment so please show your support by leaving a comment and a testimonial about how zZounds helped you!

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