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First off, before you download your FREE DJ Contract template, I want to explain to you how I was in your same shoes not that long ago searching for the best information to put on my DJ contract.

In fact, I had an awful experience with a client that didn’t pay me the agreed $200 amount we talked about and it all could have been prevented if I had them sign a contract. That was the day I realized, a mans word is no longer good enough and a signature is the modern day promise.

So, after one of my first awful parties I ever experienced, I was sitting on my bed sitting up at 3am in the morning and I thought to myself…

What Goes on a DJ Contract?

Generally, a DJ contract will have the clients personal information such as full name, cell phone number, email address, & address, as well as the venue information such as business name, address, contact info, & place of setup, the date of the event, including start time, end time, services included, a breakdown of service fees, overtime rates, deposit amount & due date, total balance amount and due date, & important business policy rules you’re client should follow specific to your business.

Please note: this post is based on my own experience and research as a DJ in my local area of West Palm Beach, Florida & does not constitute legal advice. Please ask a professional attorney or someone certified in your local area to make sure your DJ contract has the correct information so it holds in the court of law!

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DJ Contract Breakdown

Clients Personal Info: Basically, this information is self explanatory. You need your clients basic info on any contract in order to legally bond your client to the arrangement. Again, this means the clients full name or names depending on if there are more than one client, cell numbers, email addresses, & clients address.

Venue Information: The venue info refers to where the event will take place whether it’s at the clients house or a place of business. This section of the DJ contract will have the venues business name, the date of the event, start & end times of the event, manager contact info, event planner info, address of event, & the location of where the DJ will be setting up. Possibly, you may add some policy rules in this section that I will talk about later.

Services Included: Also, a section of your DJ contract should have a break down of the service fees you’re charging your client. For instance, service fees would include your service of performing, maybe uplighting, or maybe you had a magician show up, a photo booth, or a photographer. This section of your DJ contract must show everything your client is being charged for.

Typically, DJs will network with other companies that offer a specific party service and create a package deal with their musical performance. Specifically, companies such as photography, videography, photo booth, bounce house, Karaoke, or catering companies are all common services a DJ will offer. Also, just so you know, performers will sub-contract for you such as break dancers, bands, drummers, clowns, face painters, etc… All of these service fees should be on an organized section of your DJ contract!

Policy Details: Generally, policy rules specific to your DJ business will be on your DJ contract that will cover you under certain circumstances if they may arise such as Payment being due on the day of the event whether the event cancels for any reason, reimbursement of your equipment being destroyed due to any reason, or other specific details I will discuss in another section of this post!

Policy details should be throughout your contract. For example, DJs will put in the Venue Information section a policy rule stating the DJs setup area must be a certain distance away from a power outlet. Also, under a protective roof barrier to protect the DJs equipment from bad weather. These policy rules are what makes your business thrive and they will be the foundation of running a successful DJ business. Of course, these are just some of the crucial policy details you will need in your DJ contract.


What is a DJ Contract?

In summary, a DJ contract is a signed agreement that assures both parties, the DJ & the client, will be at the same place on the same day & time conducting a business transaction in which the client pays an agreed total amount & the DJ performs musical entertainment in a certain time frame.


Why is a DJ Contract Important?

Nowadays, a mans word doesn’t mean anything without a signature. In fact, the main reason a DJ gives a DJ contract to their clients is to create a bond, or promise, that prevents confusion on specific details such as start time, end time, place of event, & the total price to perform.

Most of all, you want to make sure you’re clients are legally bonded with a contract to the reservation they’re hiring you to perform at. You want to make sure everything is in writing so that if anything happens, you can refer to your paperwork.


Here is an Example why a DJ Contract is Important

For example, lets say you agree to $300 for a 4 hour gig. At the end of the night, the client only pays you $200 and says that $300 wasn’t the agreed upon amount.

How are you going to prove that $300 was the agreed total?

Consequently, you’re only going to get paid $200 and your client just pulled a fast one on you!

In summary, a DJ Contract will help prevent this and many other problems from arising! What other problems you may ask?


Other Examples Why You Should Use a DJ Contract

Furthermore, some parties can be tricky depending on the event & the clients mood and you may have people dancing all night to your music, but I assure you, once in a blue moon, whether you think you dropped the ball or not, you will encounter a client that complains about something.

It happens to the best of us DJs & if you’re not agreeing with me right now then you’re not a real DJ! 

With a DJ Contract, you can cover yourself with policy rules that will get you paid no matter what. Although, I would think if you totally ruin someones party, you would want to reimburse them some kind of money so they don’t give you a bad review, right? Anyways…

Usually, some of the main problematic situations a client will complain about the DJ are:

• Music selection not being good enough

• Not making enough announcements

• Neglecting Guest/s of Honor

• Mispronouncing names

• Forgetting to do something you discussed 

• Showing up late

• Stopping the party to early

Some of these reasons can make a client so mad that they wont want to pay you at all. For any reason, a client can easily refuse payment and you will find yourself flustered & you will wish you had them sign a DJ Contract agreement that states what’s ok and what’s not ok, so theres no confusion!

When Should The DJ Be Paid?

Well, It’s up to you, but I remind my clients as they sign the DJ contract that payment is due on the date of their event before the event starts. Though, if your client thinks you did a horrible job, I would recommend compensating them back a little if you feel they’re right.

Whether it’s on the contract or not, if you don’t collect money up front and things go awry, you will have a less chance of collecting your hard earned money!

Sometimes, the client may disappear at the end of the night or may be a little too impaired to pay you so be careful collecting payment at the end of the night!

Most importantly, mobile DJs that are starting to get more parties begin to realize their time is valuable and anyone who wants you to perform for their party must show you that they’re not going to waste your time.

Should I charge a deposit with my DJ Contract?

In fact, some DJs require deposits with their clients after they sign their DJ contract to ensure the DJ their time will not be wasted. If the client cancels for any reason before the date, the contract states the DJ keeps the deposit as the booking fee.

A DJ charges a booking fee to ensure a time slot in their schedule for a specific date.

Often times, when you start getting more & more gigs, you will get two clients asking your availability for the same date. Then, you have to start telling clients you’re not available and it gets really annoying when the client you’re booked with cancels on you last minute.

Especially, when you know you could have made money with the client you told you were booked!

How do I send my client my DJ Contract?

In short, If you are sending your clients a DJ contract or an Event Form through email, telling them to print it out, fill it out, scan it, and send it back, then you’re doing it the old way man!!!

What is a Fillable PDF & why is it better?

Basically, a fillable PDF is a formatted file designed to make it easier for you to fill out faster without printing. The following bullet points discuss how it works & why it’s better!

How does this Free DJ Contract Template work?

• Your client can open the Fillable PDF FREE DJ Contract Template or Event Form on their phone with a PDF Reader app or on a computer and start typing in answers right away!
• Once they’re finished, they can save the PDF, attach it to an email, and send it right back

Why is this DJ Contract better than making your own?

It will save you time to focus on more important information that you need to acquire to become a better DJ.
• You won’t have to search endlessly online for good ideas to ask your clients about their event.
• You don’t have to spend the energy or time creating a professional DJ Contract. I already did that leg work for you!


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Now, you’re ready to take your DJ business to the next level with a free DJ contract template! I hope you learned some valuable information by reading this post and if you have any other ideas that should go on a DJ Contract, please list them in the comment section!

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